Our visitor reception policy

Your tourist information office is committed to securing a category 1-rating

As such, it pledges to:
Provide you with easily accessible reception and information areas.
Make formalities easier.
Offer you seating.
Provide you with free information on the local tourism offer.
Display and publicise its opening hours in at least two foreign languages.
Provide you, upon request, with free internet access to find tourist information.
Be open at least 305 days per year, including Saturdays and Sundays, during the holiday season or for events.
Reply to your letters all-year-round.
Ensure that the reception desk is permanently-manned by staff able to speak at least two foreign languages.   
Provide paper-based tourist maps and guides.
Give you access to its trilingual website, dedicated and adapted to mobile devices.
Also disseminate its paper-based tourist information, translated into a minimum of two foreign languages, including:
- all tourist accommodation with approved ratings or labels, including at least the name of the establishment, postal address, website, telephone number and rating level;
- natural, cultural monuments and tourist sites, or leisure locations, featuring entrance fees, opening hours, websites, telephone numbers and postal addresses;
- events and attractions;
- emergency telephone numbers.
Annually update its tourist information.
Display emergency telephone numbers on the outside of the building.
Present the entire authorised offer covered by the tourist information office, for all customers.  
Give you access to consult the availability of listed accommodation.
Address your complaints and gauge your satisfaction.
Offer a tourist information service, including new information and communication technology (social networks, mobile telephone-friendly, GPS locations, etc.).
Comply with the requirements of the QUALITE TOURISME brand.
Provide you with a travel advisor.
The “Qualité TourismeTM” label is registered with the Ministry responsible for tourism, and constitutes a mark of confidence and professional standards for tourism businesses and their customers.
The “Qualité TourismeTM” label is awarded by French tourist information offices, for a period of 3-years.
The Batz-sur-Mer tourist information office quality policy : 
Faced with changes in tourism patterns and intense competition, the tourist information office has adapted to changes in occupations and subsequently redoubled its efforts, especially in terms of receiving visitors. The necessity to develop a policy for quality of service is vital for tourism, in general.
To achieve this goal, the tourist information office took a rigorous and long-term approach in relation to its stakeholders (visitors, local elected members, socio-occupational stakeholders, partners and tourist information office staff. 
Consequently, since 2013, the team has endeavoured to ratify its working procedures, raise the professional standards of its activities and improve its internal organisation and its general management.
In agreement with the Quality Working Group, the Management committed to assessing the quality system and subsequently decided on preventive or remedial actions to introduce.
Securing the “Qualité TourismeTM” label provides official recognition of the entire staff’s professional standards and expertise. This certification is not a means to an end, but rather a genuine tool to develop and continuously improve its services to satisfy the customer.
By this key strategic priority, we have a measure of quality that shows the way for all local tourism stakeholders who work with the tourist information office, as rating and upgrading our offer are irrefutable assets to consolidate tourism development of the destination.

Information and communication: providing customers with clear, accurate and comprehensive information by telephone, mail or over the counter.
Personalised welcome: friendly, courteous attitude, a warm welcome and smile, availability, special attention to the types of visitors (Tourism and Handicap)
Staff knowledge and skills: take care of customers quickly and comprehensively, personalised advice, locate the right information for the customer, use of foreign languages.
Cleanliness and maintenance: hygiene, fixtures and fittings to be in good working order, comfortable furniture, lighting.
Promoting local resources: promote local products from Batz-sur-Mer and tourist attractions on the Guerande peninsula. 

The municipality

The municipality commits to maintain, restore and promote heritage, while enhancing and re-defining public spaces in accordance with the requirements and nature of the site:
Establish and implement an architecture and heritage improvement area, or an architectural urban and landscape heritage protection area.
Maintaining and enhancing public spaces:
-Burying electricity cables and sub-stations.
-High-quality resurfacing of roads public spaces in keeping with the site
-Traffic management for the whole municipality 
-High-quality urban street furniture and coherent, mini directional signage 
-Installation of lighting and street lighting for the overall architectural and/or landscape improvement plans 
-Landscaping that is sympathetic to sites and locations 
Maintaining and improving public buildings 
-Restoration, renovation and maintenance of unclaimed public buildings and monuments 
-Removal of urban wastelands 
-Removal of “black spots” and/or “eyesores” 
-Re-investment in heritage sites to welcome the public
Municipal pledge to welcome the public:
-Possess a recognised town-centre based tourist office for the public, open in high-season, with qualified and competent staff.
-Ensure the long-term existence of a permanent information system (e.g., interactive information points, etc.) 
-Institute a policy to promote heritage (heritage interpretation services to discover the town independently, guided visits for groups and individuals throughout the year, on registration)
-Be equipped with tourism communication tools (event, exhibition and visit programmes, maps and documents presenting the town).
-Sustain a minimum of services in the town centre, such as a café-restaurant and a multi-service retailer offering quality local products.
-Possess town-centre tourist accommodation facilities, affiliated with a quality-assured network, or located within 5 km.
-Foster the welcoming of arts and crafts professions and the installation of artists and craftspeople whose products and workshops will be accessible to the public.
Municipal pledge in favour of events and attractions:
-Organise and/or encourage the introduction of cultural and festive events promoting the town’s heritage
-Organise and/or encourage a trade and crafts event featuring local or regional products (fairs, markets, etc.) 
-Possess an exhibition venue 

In addition, the municipality will ensure compliance with standards applicable to access and sustainable development when fulfilling all its commitments.


The Petites Cités de Caractère® scheme was developed in the mid 1970’s to promote atypical, rural towns and villages, due to their locations and limited populations and urban municipalities, with their history and heritage.
The aim is to bring together various stakeholders in these town and villages around a single goal: to safeguard heritage as a lever for developing the local area. The activities of the Petites Cités de Caractère® network primarily seek to support local elected members who want to develop their municipalities but respect their heritage.
To develop their profile and influence, the “Petites Cités de Caractère®” network members showcase their strongpoints. They promote alternative and personalised ways of welcoming and hosting visitors, while contributing to the vitality of the network. All members strive to safeguard, restore and maintain their heritage, showcase it, bring it to life and promote it to local residents and visitors, to contribute to local economic development and make the Petites Cités de Caractère® a high quality and attractive tourism brand.
For more information: http://www.petitescitesdecaractere.com/