Water quality, swim, bathing and security

Access to bathing water quality 
Access to data on the sanitary quality of bathing water is possible. The national website of the Ministère de la santé allows you to consult, in almost real time, the results of water quality controls. You can therefore find out about the quality of the water at your holiday destination using the maps available on this website.
Find out about the regulations and bans on beaches and the Batz coastline
Available on the town hall website
Water Sports Safety Campaign

Since 1st May, the commune of Batz-sur-Mer has been involved in the annual water sports safety campaign. For several years, this campaign has aimed to raise awareness among sea users of the risks involved in water sports.
All year round, but even more so during the summer, all the administrations involved at sea have been working hard to reduce the number of accidents along the entire Atlantic coastline. In 2020, 2705 people were rescued.
Are you a witness or victim of a problem at sea? Call the free emergency number 196 without delay. It can save lives!
Open water swimming buoys loan operation on the Govelle & Valentin beaches

The Ministry of Sport is renewing the operation of free provision of open water swimming buoys. Of the 90 loan sites nationwide, the Govelle and Valentin beaches in Batz-sur-Mer have been selected to test this scheme during the summer.

The buoy  
This buoy is intended for all adults, primarily for the over 45s, but it is available to all those who wish to acquire a good reflex for swimming in open water in complete safety.

Attached by a cord tied to your waist, the buoy allows you, in case of discomfort or fatigue, to hold on and float in safety, but also to be visible from afar thanks to its bright colour and to alert the emergency services thanks to an integrated whistle. Very light, it floats behind you and does not hinder your movements. A good reflex for swimming in open water in complete safety!

This campaign to test the open water swimming buoy is being conducted in partnership with Decathlon, the French National Fire Brigade Federation (FNSPF), the French Lifeboat Association (SNSM) and the French Rescue Services (CRS) on the beaches of the Mediterranean, the Atlantic coast, Brittany, the English Channel and on several lakes.

In Batz-sur-Mer
3 buoys are available at each lifeguard station on the beaches of Valentin and Govelle.
All you have to do is ask the lifeguards to borrow them.
Safe bathing and access to bathing water quality 

Every year in France, many people die from drowning in swimming pools as well as in the sea, lakes and rivers. Learning to swim, having an adult supervise your children, taking into account your physical condition before swimming and respecting authorised swimming areas could prevent a large number of these drownings.


You can find all the materials related to awareness of the risks associated with swimming and the protective measures to be taken by clicking here.