Tourism & Handicap label

The “Tourism and Handicap” scheme (tourism and disability) meets the demand from persons with disabilities who want to be free to choose their holidays and leisure activities. The label provides the guarantee of a proper reception, tailored to the essential needs of people with disabilities.
The “Tourism and Handicap” label offers the proof of a concrete commitment and guarantee of a proper and tailored reception befitting disabled tourists. The logo displayed at the door to the tourist information office informs disabled people that they will receive reliable, consistent and objective information on accessibility based on their disability.

The “Tourism and Handicap” label fosters the development of genuine universally-accessible tourism products and services and ensures all disabled tourists have access to information, providing them with a maximum of independence. Giving people with disabilities the independence they desire opens all the doors possible to them.

Our tourist information office has been “Tourism and Handicap”-certified since 2014 to cater for people with the following disabilities:
- Hearing impairments
- Mental disabilities
- Visual impairments

Here are the reception devices set up at the Tourist Office: 
- Braille guide
- Hearing aid system
- Magnifying glass
- Simplified guide
- Audio player with audios presenting Batz-sur-Mer, also downloadable on a USB key
- Model of the Moulin de la Falaise
- Tourism & disability standard labels to indicate each reception area, self-service documentation or store product