To move

Public transport

Lila Presqu'ile on demand offers service for people with reduced mobility with adapted vehicles and trained staff.
The vehicle picks you up from your home and takes you to the place of your choice

- Lila Presqu'ile on request
- SNCF Assistance Service

"Accès Plus" is the national reception service at the station and coaching up to the train for people with disabilities and reduced mobility.
"Contact Accès Plus" : 7 days a week, from 7 am to 10 pm, 48 hours before your departure.
By phone: 0890 640 650 By e-mail:
By Internet :

In train stations and SNCF shops with a seller.
Find the list of stations offering the Accès Plus service in the "Services en gare" section of
Accessibility and SNCF
To consult all the information useful for people with disabilities and reduced mobility and to find out more about SNCF's accessibility policy, visit

Vehicle with driver

My personal driver 
Responsible: Régis
such. +33 6 51 75 18 84

offers people with reduced mobility:
-to help them get into the vehicle (8 large and comfortable seats)
-Luggage transport services

Cargo compartment at the rear to put the wheelchair and luggage

Does not allow the transport of persons who must remain seated in their own chair.

Rent a car with a ramp (TPMR) or a car with handicap-adapted driving

A vehicle with an access ramp can transport a person with a disability, manual wheelchair or electric wheelchair (elderly, paraplegic, quadriplegic, hemiplegic, multi-handicapped). TPMR vehicle rental is a convenient way to gain mobility.
A car with a suitable driving position allows a person with a motor disability to drive a car (throttle circle, automatic gearbox). A special permit is required for this type of PMR vehicle.
 Several contacts: