Shore fishing

Toys and shell
A simple family activity and a real must when you are staying by the sea, shellfish picking is suited to all ages. It’s
great to return home with your miraculous catch for a seafood feast! Please note that shellfish picking is subject
to regulations, and the minimum shellfish size and the tide coefficients must be respected. 

Shellfish picking
Did you know? 
What sort of shellfish can you find and what are the minimum sizes ? 
  •  In the sand: Hulls: 2.7 cm except Benoit beach in La Baule where the size is maintained at 30 mm and 4 kg per person and per tide - Clams: 35 mm and 3 kg per person and per tide
  •  In the rocks and under the kelp: limpets, winkles, mussels (4 cm), velvet crabs (6.5 cm) Hollow oysters: 5 cm and 5 dozen - flat oysters: 6 cm and 3 dozen
  • In the pools: shrimps (pink: 5 cm, grey: 3 cm)

Fishing kit 

A pair of Wellington boots
A Solar cream 
A hat 
A watch 
A tide indicator 
A net 
A bucket 
A 'calipêche' to measure the size of the shellfish

Before each trip, find out about the state of the tide and current regulations (authorization or prohibition, seashells and sizes that can be sinned) :
- The tide
- Regulation