Parking spaces for cars

The "blue areas" Batz-sur-Mer

You need a parking disc in those areas. You can buy in many shops in Batz-sur-Mer, or at the Tourist Office. 
You have to put the time of your arrival at the car park.

From 15 May to 15 September the "blue areas" will be activated on Batz-sur-Mer in:
- the upper part of the rue des Etaux,
- the rue Charles de Gaulle,
- the place du Garnal,
- the rue Jean XXIII,
- the town hall car park,
- the three squares in the car park of the Post Office,
- rue du Croisic,
- the Grande Rue.
From Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 12.30pm and from 2.30pm to 5.30pm, motorists will have to affix a parking disc (European disc) indicating their arrival time. They will be able to park for free for 1.5 hours.
The blue zone in Place Honoré de Balzac will remain active from 1 July to 31 August, only on market days (Monday and Friday), from 9am to 1pm. In this zone, parking is limited to one hour.
=>There are 76 blue zone parking spaces in Batz-sur-Mer.

30 minute stop
All year round, parking is limited from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 7pm and from 8am to 1pm on Sundays. The maximum free parking time is 30 minutes, provided that the parking disc is used correctly (visible from the outside and with the time indicated). At the end of a 30-minute parking period, the vehicle must be moved.
=>There are 26 "30 minute" stops in Batz-sur-Mer.

Good to know
The parking disc in force since 2012, commonly known as the "European disc", gives only one piece of information: the time of arrival indicated in ten-minute increments. It is on sale in several shops in the commune, as well as at the Tourist Office.
Please note! Failure to affix a disc is also considered as a failure to place a vehicle within the restricted parking zone at a distance of less than 100 metres from its previous parking place.

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