Tourism and Disability label


Accessible to all

Set up in 2001, the Tourism and disability label is a mark of hospitality.
It identifies the accessible places of vacation, leisure or culture, for people who need adaptations for major disabilities. A quality label for an adapted stay!
Tourism and disability brand is a response to the demand of people with disabilities who want to be able to choose their holidays and their leisure in complete freedom. The brand provides a guarantee of an efficient reception adapted to the essential needs of people with disabilities.
For a disabled tourist, the
Tourism and disability label is the proof of the concrete commitment and the guarantee of an efficient and adapted welcome. The logo, affixed at the entrance of the Tourist Office, informs people with disabilities reliably, homogeneously and objectively on their accessibility according to the disability.
The Tourism and Disability brand promotes the emergence of tourism products and services that are truly accessible to all, and guarantees all tourists with disabilities access to information allowing them maximum autonomy. Offering people with disabilities the autonomy they want is to open the widest number of doors.
Our Tourist Office has been labeled since 2014 to accommodate people with disabilities:
- Hearing
- Mental
- Visual