Born in Nantes in 1919, Jean FRÉOUR studied statuary art at the School of Fine Arts in Bordeaux and was a resident of the Casa de Velázquez (Madrid). The sculptor moved to Batz-sur-Mer in 1955 and lived there until his death, in June 2010, with Soizik FRÉOUR, his wife. Elected municipal from 1959 to 1983, he was briefly mayor of the commune from March 1961 to April 1962 (a disagreement with the prefect on matters of urbanism led to his resignation).

For decades, the artist has worked and perfected his technique and art. He worked various stones (marble, schist, granite, onyx, etc.) and different wood species (oak, padouk, avodiré, etc.) and edited many bronzes and ceramics… to meet multiple public and private orders. His long career has allowed him to approach religious sculpture and figurative secular sculpture, from the nude to effigies and heads of personalities, including medals and commemorative plaques.

Last of the members of the Breton artistic movement "Ar Seiz Breur", Jean FRÉOUR is honored by the Cultural Institute of Brittany of the necklace of the Order of Ermine in 1995, in tribute to his commitment to Brittany, its identity and culture.



In Batz-sur-Mer:
La Porteresse, in front of a low relief representing the salt marshes, at the corner of the Musée intercommunal des Marais Salants (1983, 2,30m, bronze)
In Saint-Guénolé Church:
Notre-Dame du Précieux Sang (1979, 1,20m, avodiré wood)
Christ en croix (1958, 1,10m, polychrome oak)
La Sainte Famille (1994, 1,20m, oak)

Medal of the city of Batz-sur-Mer -
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In Le Croisic:
- An oak pilgrim’s staff in the church (1950),
- The statue of Pierre Bouguer, on the harbour (1998, 2,10m, bronze),

- Various works at Chapleau Gallery

In Le Pouliguen:
- Saint-Joseph worker and child, in the church (1958, 1,40m, oak),

- Glorious Christ in the church (1960, 1.14m, gilded wood)

In Guérande:
- La Bigoudène en Prière, in the collegiate church (1942, 1.60m, oak)

In La Baule:
- A Crucifix at Notre-Dame Church ( 1947, 1.87m, polychrome oak),

- The tympanum of the Breton Saints at Sainte-Anne, on the north portal (1965, 2.20m x 1.20m, granite),

- The Notre-Dame de la Mer tympanum, on the south portal (2002, 2.20m x 1.20m, granite),

- High relief depicting Neptune on the Neptune building (1961, 1.75m high),

- Stele in tribute to François André, in the gardens of the Hôtel Royal (1976, 2,20m),

- Six statues decorating the staircase of the Atlantia Convention Centre (1987, 1.70m , bronze),

- Royal Christ of Sainte-Thérèse Church (1999, 1.45m, Izombé Wood)

In Mesquer:
- A statue of Saint-Médard, in the chapel of Notre-Dame de Merquel (1949, 1.50m, polychrome oak),

- La Crèche, in the church of Notre-Dame de la mer (1977, 2m x 1.30m, wooden bas-relief)

In Quimiac:
- Façade of the Saint-Louis chapel, rue de Treyo (1955, 2m),

- The statue of Notre-Dame de la Plage in the chapel (1956, 1.40m, oak)

In Saint-Molf:
- Stèle de Notre-Dame des Mères, route de Mesquer (1966, 1.50m x 1.05m, granite)
And a little further:
- Bas-relief "Adolescence" at the Albert Camus school in Saint-Nazaire (1968, schist),

- Christ on the cross, in the church of Saint-Nazaire (painted wood),

- Statue of Anne of Brittany, in front of the Château des Ducs in Nantes (2002, bronze),

- Bronze fountain "les laveuses d'huîtres", on the church square in Cancale (1999, bronze),

- Calvary from Créviac to Nozay (1946, schist),

- Monument Notre-Dame de Boulogne, Nort-sur-Erdre (1949, granite),

- Menhir Pieta in Bouvron (1963, shale),

- High relief "The Good Shepherd", facade of the church of Saint-Sauveur de Bouvron (1961, limestone) and several works in the church,

- Glenmor at the Parc du Thabor in Rennes (1998, granite),

- Statue of the Marquis de La Rouërie in Fougères (1993, bronze),

- Statue of Christ the King, located at Moulin de Pé, Loroux-Bottereau (1960, 5.80m, pink granite)
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