Dune of the Cliff

The Dune de la Falaise is on either side of the B-road leading from Batz-sur Mer to Le Croisic. It begins at the Saint-Nudec roundabout and, despite appearances, is teeming with protected flora and fauna.

The dune de la falaise represents:
18.4 hectares or 0.000005 % of the surface area of the Pays de la Loire, including 9 hectares in the communal area in Batz-sur-Mer.
266 known plant species or 15 % of the known plant species in the Pays de la Loire, including:
4 nationally protected species
2 regionally protected species
7 species listed in the "red book" of threatened plant species in France
1 species in critical danger of extinction in the Pays de la Loire region
8 priority species subject to the most urgent conservation measures in Pays de la Loire
6 known species of orchids on the site
2 species of remarkable amphibians: the common parsley frog and the natterjack toad

When you arrive at the site, the Falaise windmill on Route de Saint Nudec will give you your first panoramic view before you set off to spot the species of flora and fauna along the nature trail.

Don't hesitate to ask more information at the Tourist Office of Batz-sur-Mer.