The itinerary - The Granites of Batz



- Departure/Arrival
- Point of interest
Circuit n° 1
  • Type of Excursion :
    • On foot
  • Items/Points of Interest :
    • Heritage
    • Salt marshes
    • Coastline
  • :
    • Departure Batz-sur-Mer
    • Arrival Batz-sur-Mer
    • Lenghtin kilometers 13 km
  • The Mûrier Chapel

Point 1 : The Mûrier Chapel - Les Granits de Batz

The itinerary begins from the Murier Chapel. Take a minute to admire the vestiges of this chapel, near the Saint-Guénolé Church which is typical of his heritage. 
  • Côte de Batz sur Mer

Wild coast

The customs officers’ path along the wild coast provides the opportunity for a great breath of fresh sea air…Along your route take the time to leave the beaten track to discover the museum of ‘Le Grand Blockhaus’ a veritable historical treasure which tells you all about the WWII.  A ‘must-see’ for everyone young and old!  
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Point 3 : The Salt Marshes Museum - Les Granits de Batz

After breathing the iodized air from the coastal paht, vous will come back in the "bourg de Batz" and its sheltered lanes, the little streets called "venelles". Then, you will arrive in front of the Salt Marshes Museum, the place of the salt history from yesterday and today.  Take a moment to discover this unique place ! 


Batz-sur-Mer, a charming seaside resort on the wild coast, reveals its secrets between the ocean and the salt marshes!
A walk to discover the town's heritage, including the Tour Saint-Guénolé, which stands proudly in the centre of the town, and the paths around the village and along the coast.

This route takes in parts of the coastal path, also known as the Sentier des Douaniers, or GR®34. 
This path is exclusively for pedestrians: bicycles are not permitted.

A municipal by-law is currently in force for the section of the coastal path in the Baie de Manérick area.


Côte de granit, Batz sur MerPlage Saint-Michel, Batz sur MerSentier des douaniers, Batz sur MerSentier des douaniers, Batz sur MerCôte sauvage, Batz sur MerThe itinerary Village de Batz sur MerCoast path Eglise Saint-Guénolé, Batz sur MerSaint-Guénolé Church The Mûrier Chapel The Mûrier Chapel