The GR34 hiking trail

A piedItinéraire A pied
- Départ : Plage Valentin
- Arrivée : Plage de la Govelle
- Departure/Arrival
- Point of interest
Circuit n° 1
  • Type of Excursion :
    • On foot
  • Items/Points of Interest :
    • Coastline
  • :
    • Departure Plage Valentin
    • Arrival Plage de la Govelle
    • Lenghtin kilometers 5km

From Valentin Beach

Valentin beach : not to be outdone, Valentin beach is a delight for fans of sailing, swimming and sunbathing. It's size and close proximity to the sailing club make it an ideal place for families and water sports lvoers. 

Through Saint-Michel Harbour

Saint-Michel Harbour is located in the town center and sheltered by its famous jetty. Its little beach welcomes parents and children all day long. Your children are sure to have fun time at the beach club!  Discover the story of the Menhir de la Pierre Longue on your way afther the harbour and enjoy this breathtaking view on the Ocean.... 

To the Govelle Beach

On your way, you will see lots of creeks, coves shelter you with greetings to the rocks of the Wild Coast. All of them have a story and secrets kept by the local legends.  For all thrill-seekers, La Govelle beach is ideal for water sports in all seasons. Ans you can enjoy exceptionnal views as a bonus ! 


The GR34 is a hiking trail path called "le sentiers des douaniers" : the sustoms officers path. This path will lead you through beaches, creeks and the heritage of the past like the Pierre Longue Mennhir or the older sardine port of Saint-Michel. 
From the top of the cliffs, you will discover rocks made by Humans or shaped by the sea...


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