Salt worker villages

Salt worker villagesSalt worker villagesSalt marshes Salt worker villages


The salt workers’ village of Kervalet is one of the most beautiful villages of its kind in the region with its many typical stone houses, home to the ‘Paludiers’.

Lose yourself in the alleyways of Trégaté, a charming village built for salt workers, perched up on the rocks. As you stroll through the little narrow streets you will see stone houses, the village oven, the fountain, the granite cross or the superb 18th century skylights.

Next up is the village of Kermoisan and its famous water tower covered with a fresco depicting salt workers. Take Rue du Vieux Moulin, where the village broadens out, with its pretty houses, many of them concealing gardens behind their facades, and then go on to look at the green and unspoilt landscapes divided up by dry stone walls.

The last village on your route is Roffiat, where the houses were built close together to protect them from the wind. Here you can admire an unusual wooden cross decorated with thirteen hearts, recalling the twelve apostles and the Christ, and a small statue of Our Lady of Happiness.
  • Visit/Heritage :
    • Marsh/wetland
    • Small scale rural heritage
    • Village paludiers
    • Heritage (castles, monuments, megaliths)


Les villages paludiers
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 47.27978
Longitude : -2.45490
  • Geographical Location :
    • Less than 5 km from the salted marshes
    • Distance from the coast 2 km
    • Velocean bike path (5 km max)
Salt worker villages