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- Departure/Arrival
- Point of interest
Circuit n° 1
  • Type of Excursion :
    • On foot
  • Items/Points of Interest :
    • Heritage
    • Coastline
  • :
    • Departure Batz-sur-Mer
    • Arrival Batz-sur-Mer
    • Lenghtin kilometers 5,9 km
  • The windmill

The windmill : Moulin de la Falaise

You are in front of the windmill of Batz-sur-Mer called "Le Moulin de la Falaise". During this walking tour, you will discover differents facets of Batz-sur-Mer heritage : cultural heritage, countryside and the ocean part of the village. 
  • Eglise Saint-Guénolé, Batz sur Mer

Cultural Heritage

You will have the chance to discover lots of cultural and historic monuments : the Mûrier Chapel, the Salt Marshes Museum, the Grand Blockhaus, the salt Cathedral, crosses, calvaries...
  • A la découverte de Batz sur Mer

Country side and natural part

Batz-sur-Mer give you te opportunity to stroll around nature (country side like the "Green Belt") and also tis ocean side.  The "Green Belt" is a natural area near the sea (100 meters from the ocean to the countryside part). You'll there discover locals productions, donkeys, sheeps, flowery fields... On this area, you can practice bike.  Then, the hiking path called GR34, who offers you breathtaking views on the ocean, creeks, beaches....


Discover the heritage of Batz-sur-Mer while having fun with the fun map!


Windmill The Mûrier Chapel Saint-Guénolé Tower