​Between the Ocean and the salt marshes

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Between the Ocean and the salt marshes
The first salt marshes came into being back in the IXth century. Even back in the XVth century
they already existed in the format which we know today. In the summer the salt worker
‘le paludier’ harvests this ‘white gold’ using the traditional methods of his ancestors. At
the time of the largest tides the water rushes into the marshes and follows a circuit which
ultimately ends up in the evaporating pools ‘les oeillets’. The combined action of the wind
and the sun facilitates the evaporation of the water so that it reaches a level of salinity
which is ideal for the harvesting of the salt. Many of the inhabitants of Batz-sur-Mer
‘les batziens’ ply this trade in the 459 hectares of salt marshes surrounding the village.
Clasification, Labels, Chains
  • Labels and Brands :
    • Exceptional site classified as ?tastes and flavours inspired by the salt marshes of Guerande'.
    • Petite Cité de Caractère de Bretagne-quaint, historical village/town of Loire Atlantique
  • Visit/Heritage :
    • Marsh/wetland
  • Kind of visits :
    • Guided visit
    • Visit at your leisure
​Between the Ocean and the salt marshes
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