The little eco-tourist

Adopt the right actions to preserve our environment.
It’s easy to become an eco-tourist!

Be on holidays in Batz-sur-Mer, it’s spending successful holidays. If you want to enjoy forever the Ocean, the salt marshes, natural and heritage sites, take care of those places as well: 
  • Respect the place of your holiday as your home.
  • Collect your wastes, sort them out in the good tubs and in the appropriate spaces. 
  • Call the city hall in case of pollution.
  • Control your consumption of natural’s resources (water, electricity…).
  • Move with your own energy when you can, environmentally friendly (walks, bike, skate, rollers, bus, train…).
  • Take care of the flowers, plants and animals, even the smallest living in the natural’s spaces around you. 
Pollution plage
Some additional advice:
  • On the « côte sauvage » the wild cost, I try not to go at the edge of the water with light objects as they can fly away and pollute the sea and the beach.
  • On the costal walks or in the Grey Dune, I respect the fences installed. Their goal is to protect the vegetation from the devastating stamping.
  • In the salt marshes, I’m allowed to walk and discover the salt workers and their eyelets on the path done for it. I’m not allowed to come up to their works tools.

Responsible, I talk with my parents about that:
  • We have to leave with all our wastes, cigarette butt as well.
The tourist office sell pocket / beach ashtray. 
  • If I’m shellfish picking, I’m aware of the fishing hours and of the right of consumption of the fish. Shellfish picking is subject to strict regulations. 
You can buy « calipêches » in the tourist office to check the shellfish size.
  • In the sea, I swim in the reliable and supervised swimming area. I try not to do motorised activities as they are noisy and polluting. If I am on a boat, I make sure that my family don’t throw anything in the sea and I remind to the driver to respect the speed limit.
  • For hygienic reasons, dogs even kept on a lead, are forbidden on the beaches from the 1st of April to the 30th of September. I pick up every dogs droppings with the bags available from the city hall in the distributors close to the bins and in different stopping-off places.
Here you will find the rules of the General Police about swimming and for the water activities on the waters of the beaches of the city of Batz-sur-Mer.

The tide marks

The sea comes on the shore with many things and materials, natural or not. Seaweed, shellfish, sponges, wood… are part of the sea.
Contrary to the plastics, fishing nets, they are not wastes and they have an important role in the beaches balance. They avoid the loss of sand which stifles the ecosystem.