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Just opened your suitcases and fancy going straight to the beach?

Port Saint-Michel: Port Saint Michel is ideal if you have young children, as a long breakwater shelters it from the waves. It also has a Mickey Club (July and August), a paddling pool and typical yellow beach huts.
La Govelle: Are you a surfer, deep down? This beach nestles among the rocks on the Cote Sauvage and is great for board sports all-year-round, or simply to bask in the sun!
Valentin: Sporty people, sailors and swimmers, will love this long, fine sandy beach, but so will those looking to laze in the sun.

Coves: Sheltered from onlookers by the rocks on the Cote Sauvage, you’ll love coves like Derwin, la Dilane, le Manérick, la Roche Mathieu, la Baie des Bonnes Sœurs. They all have stories (but also plenty of secrets) to tell you!